Team Jesus Athletics is more than a brand. It’s a community, a lifestyle, a ministry.

We’re a core of like minded believers who see our purpose is to know God and make Him known, we see the world is our mission field, and athletics are a platform in which we can both grow into and represent the love of God.  Holy Spirit is our trainer.

The idea for Team Jesus Athletics was born out of the desire to represent what founding member, Dusty Mitchell is about. As a triathlete spending much time training on a road bike, Dusty wore jersey’s representing brands that meant very little to him. He wanted a kit with a brand that he was excited about, Jesus is just that brand. Team Jesus was developed out of the desire to glorify God in all that we do. To use triathlon and the training in between as an opportunity to witness of the Father’s Goodness. 

While the original concept of Team Jesus was developed specifically toward cyclist and triathletes, it became clear that it should be developed to include all athletic and fitness enthusiast, people who enjoy the outdoors and being active combined  with a heart for Jesus and competition with an emphasis on putting Jesus out front.


Inspire and encourage others to live to their fullest potential by understanding the truth of God’s Love for them and who we’re created to be. Developing healthy minds and bodies, living as more than conquerers. Our platform 

is not only in Athletics, but in Life. Team Jesus is a lifestyle. Let All That we do Glorify God.


 Goals: To create communities of Team Jesus athletes everywhere, building teams to train together, compete together, push, inspire and encourage one another and the world at large.

Team Jesus Athletes


All In - Completely Convinced - Total Belief - Fully Surrendered

Seeking First His Kingdom and His Righteousness

Purpose Driven - To Make an Impact - To Know God and Make Him Known

Boldly - Through Their Confidence In God

With Integrity & Pure Motives

To Edify & Encourage Others in Truth and Love

With the Aim to Live Supernaturally - Above Human Nature

In Spirit - Kingdom Minded - Earthly Awesome

With Discipline - Continually Training Mind & Body -   Dilligently Training with Holy Spirit

With Perseverance of Mind & Body

To Love One Another

To Keep Moving Forward In Faith







Team Jesus Ambassadors are founding members of Team Jesus skilled both in their athletic discipline and in their vocation. They wear the brand 24/7 whether they’re wearing the gear or not they’re always wearing the brand because Jesus is their band.

Priscilla Westfield


God has taken Priscilla on a wild adventure with Triathlon, learning to run toward challenges to embrace the pain knowing that God works everything to the good of those who Love Him. 

Born to deaf parents and then raised by a practically single mother, 

Priscilla’s life has had setbacks, disappointments and obstacles, encountering abuse, homelessness, low self-esteem and no sense of belonging.  But Jesus turned pain into joy, and failures into triumphs.  Without Jesus her life would have taken a completely different path, but because of her faith and His love, she is a World Ranked Age Group Triathlete. 

Priscilla is a wife, and mother of three, an Army Vet and holds a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and works as a Forensics and Behavioral Health Counselor.

Dusty has always had a natural competitive streak and an appreciation for physical fitness, although it wasn’t until he was introduced to the sport of Triathlon that it gave him an outlet for where he could compete to the level of his natural intensity for sport. Like Christianity, Triathlon is a lifestyle. The love for the sport and Jesus birthed Team Jesus.  Dusty is a filmmaker by trade, a Son of God by adoption, and an athlete by perseverance.

Dusty Mitchell


Matt McFadden

Mountain Biking

A Recent Graduate of Point University, Drew competed for the SkyHawk’s cross country and track team. Born and raised in Lagrange GA Drew also ran cross country and track for Troupe High School. Some of his personal bests to this point include a 5:06/mile, 11:20/2 mile and 16:46/5k, and a 1:27:08 Half Marathon. Drew has his eyes set on qualifying for the Boston Marathon in the upcoming year, with ultra marathons being in the not too distant future. Running gives Drew an outlet to recharge. Always proud of his accomplishments, he knows that there is always more God has in store for him, and he’s willing to keep stretching himself.

A bold and loving minister at SouthCrest Church in Newnan, GA and to the world in general, Matt is just as audacious on the MTB trails. He enjoys spending what free time he has two wheeling, whether it’s on road or off, but his true passion is shredding some dirt. Matt is also a musician and a member of the Christian Rock group After Edmund, He  is a husband of 20 years to his wife Kathy and father of four. Matt McFadden always bring a winning attitude to whatever he’s involved in.

Mountain Biking

As husband, father, pastor, and cyclist, Ben is very intentional with his opportunities to ride. For him, mountain biking is a source of physical, mental, and spiritual exercise. During the grueling hours of back country trail riding is where Ben finds a deep connection with God, and a source of peace and serenity in his busy life.

Director at Fund the Nations, Father of Four, Fitness and Endurance minded Bubba Crowder lives switched on constantly and consistently. He is always on the go whether it be for a quick 10, supporting his children or growing operations for Fund the Nations, his work and his life and sport are all wrapped into glorifying God.

Euseph Messiah

Fitness Consultant

Bubba Crowder


Former College football player, turned actor, writer and producer, Euseph has also been a personal trainer for several years. Euseph understands the discipline fitness requires, he understands motivation, and he understands his SHY as being something greater than self. That WHY being the very WHY that we’re here – to know God and make Him known. Eueseph practices this lifestyle in all he does, in the gym, at home with his wife and three children or wearing one of his many career hats. Euseph is a go getter for Christ.

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